Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ECOOP day 3

And so the last and shortest day began. It started with Jonathan Aldrich's invited talk. This was another good talk, describing the research he has been involved in with software architecture. The general gist is that the architecture of software should be part of the code and enforced by the compiler. To this end he talked about ownership, and his variant - ownership domains, and also ArchJava. He motivated ownership domains with the MVC pattern, showing that owners-as-dominators style ownership is too restrictive to be used there. The whole thing sounded very ambitous and also extremely practical, so pretty exciting stuff. Also mentioned existential types in the context of ownership types, which is something I want to look at.

The first talk on friday was MAO: Ownership and Effects for more Effective Reasoning about Aspects - motivated by the difficulty of reasoning about aspects (their greatest drawback in my opinion), the authors used ownership and effects to aid this reasoning and claimed to get good results.

I'm afraid that by friday I was suffering conference fatigue and my notes were getting pretty flakey, but I did manage to write down which talks I found intersting, so I can read the papers:

Joinpoint Inference from Behavioral Specification to Implementation

A Machine Model for Aspect-Oriented Programming

Tracking Linear and Affine Resources with Java(X)

Attribute Grammar-based Language Extensions for Java

And that was the end of ECOOP. Now I have to find some time to read a lot of papers in more detail, I fear the list never gets shorter.

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