Saturday, August 02, 2008

PostDoc in NZ

Slightly belated news, but I wanted to blog the other things before I forgot them all. From 2009 I will be working for James Noble in New Zealand. We wrote a grant proposal (with more than a little help from Sophia - thanks!) to study existential types for ownership types and other mechanisms for making ownership types more flexible. Our proposal was accepted (yay!) and so I'll be starting work in NZ just as soon as I finish my thesis and get married. This is obviously very exciting and I'm really looking forward to moving to NZ and to working with James. We already seem to have too many ideas for two years and I still have a bunch of things to do with wildcards, so hopefully I won't be stuck for something to do.


Sophia Drossopoulou said...

move to new Zealand, as soon as
I finish my thesis and get married

Lots of exciting stuff happening in the near future. Very glad for you, Nick.

supercooldave said...

This is great news, Nick. Glad you'll be staying in the fold.

Dave Clarke