Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I've now moved to New Zealand, and in time there will be a post about all that, but right now I am back in the UK, in fact back in York, my childhood home - weirdly this is the longest I've spent in York for about 8 years and I'll have circumnavigated the globe to do it.

Anyway, ETAPS is at York university, which is very pretty - lots of grass and a lake and some ugly old buildings. It also, apparently, has the highest duck to student ratio in the UK. The downside of the venue is that most of us are staying in student halls, which although cheap(-ish) are not particularly luxurious. Pokey is a word that comes to mind - I at first mistook the bathroom for a cupboard. They also have a temporal-tardis-like effect - they appear older on the inside than on the outside!

Anyway, the first two days had interesting sounding talks, but were well outside my area of knowledge and so I gained little. Once ESOP started, however, there were many interesting talks and I will describe these in the following blog posts (over a few days).

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Sophia Drossopoulou said...

Well, I found the accomodation in York's campus VERY nice. And I loved the views on the lakes, and everybody having breakfast in the same huge halls.

And by the way, several people congratulated me on Nick's excellent talk.