Saturday, May 09, 2009

Papers, papers, ...

I have had a few papers accepted to ECOOP workshops recently, they will be up on my website (which I know needs updating) in a week or so, once I have made the suggested changes. The papers are:

OGJ Gone Wild with James Noble at IWACO '09, we use wildcards to mimic the magic 'This' owner in OGJ, thus using only the Java type system (and a couple of coding patterns) to support parametric ownership types.

Comparing Universes and Existential Ownership Types with Werner Dietl at IWACO '09, we show that Universes and a restriction of Jo\exists are equivalent, and thus that the two systems reflect the same underlying hierarchy.

On Subtyping, Wildcards, and Existential Types with Sophia Drossopoulou at FTfJP '09, we use existential types to model both subclassing and wildcards, and show that the two mechanisms can be modelled in a unified way, and that wildcards are a natural mechanism for expressing subtype variance.

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