Thursday, April 29, 2010

UK Elections

Bit of a departure from the usual, but it's election time, so why not?

Who to vote for - no-one looks conviincing, labour are tired and have made a total mess, plus there is that unpleasent Tony Blair taste left over. The size of the british state is getting ridiculous and the infringements on civil liberties frightening.

Voting Tory would be like selling one's soul to Satan (remember the '80s?), plus Cameron looks like Blair 2.0. The liberal democrats have some good policies (civil liberties, imigration) and actually have a chance of getting some votes this year, but have some stupid policies too (abolishing tuition fees, no nuclear power, etc.). Perhaps a lib-dem/tory coalition might work. What we really need is a proper liberal party - in both economic and social terms. And one with the guts to radically reform the health service (take power away from the GMC, reform doctor training and the doctor's/GMC monopoly) and education (let universities charge what they like, abandon the stupid target of getting stupid people through universities, fix primary/secondary schools a bit (although God knows how to do that)).

So The Economist is probably right, as repulsive as it seems, the tories are probably the best bet for a vote. Now that is a sorry state of affairs, glad I don't actually live in the UK right now.

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Rob said...

Not sure about a comletely free market for Universities, but apart from that, spot on. I have a feeling that I will need a brisk scrub-down with bleach after voting, whoever I end up voting for.