Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ECOOP 2010

I'm at ECOOP 2010 in Maribor, Slovenia. I will write a few posts about papers in the upcoming days. I am not presenting (Alex Summers is about to present our paper to FTfJP), so it should be a bit relaxing.

Maribor is a very nice city, and I find it quite nice to be somewhere 'foreign' - different language, different architecture, etc. Quite the change after a year in australasia.

There has been quite a lot of grumbling about the location - too hard to get to, to hard to get around, not enough organisation. And some of these comments are fair, but I found the journey not too stressful, and the organisers are pretty organised (although some info has been pretty late in arriving). And I think it is great to have the conference somewhere less usual, it is a good oportunity to see a lovely country which I would otherwise never have visited.

My hotel is also lovely, particularly nice is the wide variety of saunas in the basement - it's a miracle I've made it to the conference really. What is less lovely is that access is by gondola only, once an hour until 10 - which is pretty restrictive.

Finally, I was not expecting many people to be here, from what I heard; but actually, there are many people I know, and it is very nice to catch up...

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