Thursday, August 19, 2010

More writing

Just finished another paper writing push: camera-ready OOPSLA paper, submission to FOOL on multiple ownership, and a submission to PLATEAU on evaluating Go, the new programming language from Google. The two new papers are both mostly students work, so working on them has been a bit of a new experience. The Go paper is an area I am new to (PL evaluation) and about a language I was new to, so was a new experience all round. It's all been pretty exhausting, and looking forward to doing some actual research again soon (although there is a journal version of an old paper in the works first).

Also, back to teaching again in two weeks. Teaching type systems again for six weeks. The first time I've taught the same stuff again, so hopefully I will be better and more polished, and it should be less work.

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Adrian Kuhn said...

Do you mind sharing a preprint of your PLATEAU paper? I am very interested in this work.