Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compiling Firefox

A few posts back I described my slightly painful experience compiling Cairo. It was thus with some trepidation that I approached compiling Firefox (which includes Cairo), also on Windows. As it turns out it was a breeze, the only slightly tricky bit being finding the executable at the end. Instructions are here, and they are pretty accurate.

Check out Firefox from the repository of you choice using Mercurial.

Download the Mozilla Build Environment.

Run the Build Environment from the Visual Studio command prompt.

Make Firefox ("make -f" in your Firefox source directory).

Wait for some time (I left it running over night, not sure how long it actually took, but at least a few hours).

The executable is in the obj.../dist/bin directory, which is nested inside your Firefox source directory.

Easy-peasy huh? Why couldn't Cairo be that easy?

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