Friday, August 10, 2012

Azure/Cairo canvas - progress

For those following along at home, as of this morning Azure/Cairo canvas is on for Android (and Firefox OS (b2g), presumably) on inbound (bug 773460). Barring any dramatic last minute backout, it should be on nightly tonight.

I recently fixed a couple of bugs - one on Android with 565 surfaces (which were being incorrectly rendered, bug 779401) and one on Windows where font interop was causing a crash in Google Maps GL (bug 780392).

Now just Linux to go for the Azure canvas treatment. Anthony Jones is working on a performance issue there, but hopefully we will turn that on soon. Hopefully, that means that Azure will be the default canvas on all platforms in Firefox 17, and we can remove Thebes canvas altogether in 18.


Unknown said...

Will this be a significant performance improvement?

Nick Cameron. said...

Moving from Thebes to Azure/Cairo canvas does not affect performance. But once we've done this, we can change to other graphics backends (e.g., Azure/Skia) which might (i.e., if a backend has better performance on a platform, then we will use it, see for e.g., D2D on Windows).

Removing Thebes canvas facilitates a whole load of performance wins in the DOM binding code.