Wednesday, December 04, 2013

OMTC for Windows nightly users

I just landed a patch flipping the switch for all Windows users with HWA (d3d9/10/11) to use off-main-thread compositing. This is a fairly big change to our rendering pipeline, so if you notice rendering issues on Windows, please file bugs.

For now, only nightly users will get this change. Riding the trains depends on bugs 913503 and 904890, and general stability. We wanted to land this early to get some extra testing time and because without being tested, it has been rotting super quickly. I will arrange for a branch to keep testing main thread composition asap.

One known issue is windowed plugins lagging during scrolling (913503), so please ignore that (for now) if you observe it.

OMTC can be disabled by setting the 'layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled' pref to false. If there are more problems than we can fix relatively quickly, we can do this for all users very easily.

This is the culmination of months of work, so it is really exciting to see it finally land. I fully expect, however, to have to turn it off due to a tidal wave of unforeseen bugs, but such is life.


Tom said...

As long as bug 920323 is not fixed, I will not use OMTC, since I cannot use the menu and downloads buttons. This is a pity, otherwise I would have been using OMTC already.

mutt said...

The buttons all WFM, Win7 x64 bit on the 32bit build.

You on Win8 maybe ?

Tom said...

I am also on Windows 7 x64 running the last nightly 32 bits build. Also tried with a clean profile, but buttons still do not work.

mayankleoboy1 said...

@ Tom : should fix the issue. Try the latest m-i build (m-i build is different than nightly)
Or wait for tomorrow's nightly.

Anonymous said...

does this post apply to the Holly release?

av said...

there is difference between DX10 and DX11?

Anonymous said...

Finally! Thank you!

Tom said...

Great, it is working fine now. Is layers.async-video.enabled supposed to work too, because it seems to crash here?

Nick Cameron. said...

Unfortunately OMTC was turned off again today so we can do some performance work. Please continue to test omtc by manually setting the pref though.

We support main thread d3d10 and omtc d3d11. There is not a lot of difference between the two.

layers.async-video.enabled is not expected to work.