Sunday, February 02, 2014

Changing roles

From this week I will no longer be working on graphics and layout for Gecko, and will be working on Rust.

I'm pretty sad to be leaving rendering behind. It has been immense fun hacking on this stuff for the last couple of years. I have learnt a tremendous amount and got to work with some awesome people. I'm going to really miss working with my friends from the rendering teams.

However, I am super excited about working on Rust. It is a really exciting project and fits my background in many ways (ownership, in a real language!). I'm also looking forward to working with the research team and the Rust community. They've done some excellent work already and have been really helpful getting me started learning Rust over the past month or so.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, rust should be interesting. Is anyone replacing you on Gecko?

Anonymous said...

Awesome you're joining Rust :)

Nick Cameron. said...

Anonymous (1): yes, I expect someone will be, but not sure who - there are job openings in layout on the careers page :-)