Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OOPSLA Day 1 - Dynamic Languages Symposium

The Dynamic Language Symposium was interesting, the invited talk was on security and this (in particular capabilities) seemed to permeate a lot of the questions. I found a lot of the talks (esp the invited talk) thought provoking, but not directly interesting, which is a shame because dynamic languages are a hot and interesting area. In particular the invited talk got me thinking about security as an interesting topic, which takes some doing!

This is pretty lazy, but I'm not going to write anything specific about the talks, mostly because I don't have anything deep to say. But here's a list of the ones I found most enjoyable/interesting/thought provoking:

Tradeoffs in Retrofitting Security: An experience Report

OMeta: An Object Oriented Language for Pattern Matching

Dynamic Ownership in a Dynamic Language

Highly Dynamic Behaviour through Prototypes with Subjective Multimethods

Mirages: Behvioural Intercession in a Mirror Based Architecture

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MarkM said...

Glad to hear you liked it!