Friday, October 26, 2007


The last day at OOPSLA had the session on ownership types, which was great. It also had my talk (paper and slides available here) which went well and I got some excellent feedback. I was also a bit more relaxed once it was out of the way! The talks that I founf interesting today were:

Ownership Transfer in Universe Types Seemed to take a lot from the ideas of external uniqueness and ownership domains, also doesn't seem to work with concurrency. But, the ideas are very interesting and I'm really motivated to read the paper.

Lost in Translation: Formalising Proposed Extensions to C# Dealt manly with LINQ (again), and had a lot of formal stuff in the talk, which is normally a bad sign, but it was pretty easy to follow and the formalism looks interesting

The Java Module System: Core Design and Semantic Definition Was a good talk, all about formalising the proposed Java Module system. Its kind of interesting seeing how it will all work and the work has obviously been well thought through. The size of the formalism is staggering!

And that was the end of OOPSLA, well actually I had quite a few very interesting conversations along the way, especially oni the last day it seems. Had an ice cream and went home, well back to my hotel anyway. All in all it was a great conference, and I look forward to coming back, insha'allah.

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