Thursday, March 28, 2013

Layers refactoring update

We missed our target landing date of 18th March. But, other than being a few weeks late, things are progressing nicely, in fact we are nearly done. All our tests pass and we are starting to get reviews of the code. Although we still have a couple of bugs to clear up, I think we are in good shape. To land we just need to get all our reviews and address any comments that arise (and fix those bugs, obviously). We hope that won't take too long and we now aim to land on mozilla-central as soon after the next uplift (2nd April) as possible. All going well, that means the layers refactoring will be in Firefox version 23. Once we land on mozilla-central it would be great to have lots of people test this, I'll blog about how to do that once we land.

You can keep an eye on our tests on tbpl and our reviews and responses on bugzilla.

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